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One project I did for fun trying to learn and improve my design skills.

Based on experience for working with previous projects, our team are developing a new app that can attract more younger audiences. We filtered the unorganized web articles and focus on delivering useful articles that is based on readers' choices. 
Through our logarithm we can filter, beside users interest, or users would like to learn a new skill, this app can provide most valuable articles that can assist the users to learn and gain knowledge. 
Our challenge was to design a more user-friendly mobile app that could not provide high quality articles to not only build a new group of users, but retain their loyalties to stay as long term users.  
Team up with a product manager , completed every design stage, made prototypes and visual design independently.
Interactive prototypes, visual design



For media & entertainment industry as of May 2016, 23% of users abandon an app after one use, and for three month user retention rate has drop to be lower than 25%, which means the abandonment rate is higher than 75%. 

Can we develop a new app that can improve the retention rate? How can we design the app to not only visually atheistic, but also contain functions that can be interesting and be able to solve users tasks? How can we make the tricks to attract more users to "stick" with our app? 

Ways to avoid that can plummet user retention rate.  

On boarding (first time use) impression

Easy to use interface

Content (articles) is the KING!

Push notification 

Our team was designing an app that can provide to users with:

- Got a favorite TV show? Westworld or Game of Thrones?
- Following a sports team? NFL, NBA, NLB or a local school sports team?
- Got a hobby? Photography, crochet, or cooking?

Our patented content discovery engine aggregates over 200,000+ articles, pictures, videos over 40,000 topics everyday. Kick back and read curated content from all over the web in one app.

Get to the good stuff quickly with our news app’s fast article loading times and preview features. Bonus: You can even keep reading when you’re offline!!


Mission Statement

We are changing the way people find the best content for all their interests.


Brand Positioning Statement

For those who want to save time and find the best content by seamlessly browsing different interests.


Brand Positioning Statement – Breakdown [INTERNAL]

Who: Those who want to save time.

What: Find the best of their interests quickly.

How: By going through an easy to read ranked list of results.


Our Story

An engineer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, Jeff enjoyed reading the latest content about his favorite interests. 

As time went on he found that more great content started to appear and keeping up it became more daunting. Being a parent with kids he wanted to spend more time enjoying the content rather than looking for it.

To his surprise, he found that many of this friends and colleagues had the same issue.

Searching and digging around content on their social networks was too time consuming and never produced the content that they enjoyed, it just wasn’t personalized for their tastes.

Being a risk taker, he decided to go up against the traditional ways of discovering content and built In Now™ with a small team of brilliant engineers who are trying to redefine the way we read, how we read, and what we read.

In Now™ is the product that specializes in delivering the best content based on your interests.


Business Goals [INTERNAL ONLY]

  1. [What] Become the center for deep interest content for women.

    1. KPI: App Downloads, Registered Users.

  2. [How] Create a personalized user experience for women with growing channel usage.

    1. KPI: # of users checking 3 or more channels weekly.

  3. [Why] To get women to experience deep interest content and feel satisfied with the content they are delivered.

    1. KPI: User-satisfaction rating at least a 4.5 out of 5.


Brand Identity Model


  • We have the deepest understanding in every interest we release.

Internal Culture & Values

  • We value our user’s ability to save time by giving them the best content.

Noble Purpose

  • We unlock the power for anyone to find the best content on the web in the shortest amount of time.

Shared Values & Community

  • To spend less time searching.


  • In-depth, organized, and simple.

Aspirational Self-Image

  • Find the best content, even for the most specific interests.


Problem Statement

What is the problem our users have in common?

  • Keeping up with all your favorite interests across the web is time consuming and daunting with over 1 billion posts being published every day, how do we find the best content we care about?


Problem Statement

What will we do to solve it?

  • To easily discover your interest at any moment about anything.

  • Provide intelligent recommendations.

  • In-depth interest selections.

  • Timely recommendations.


Value Proposition

How will our product benefit the customer?

  • In Now™ helps your save time, get the best content on all your favorite interests in one place.


Brand Identity Kit





In Now™ – your interests, your way.

It’s just practical.

Initial Brainstorming
Iteration and prototype

1. Design a new on-boarding page to sign up a new user and demonstrate through words and visuals what the product is about and how it will help the user.Having a robust onboarding campaign that keeps users engaged gives us the chance to make a good first impression and create loyal customers early on. By removing the need to sign-up (only to display Step 1 for a few seconds) and instead simply asking them in the second step to identify their gender (Pinterest validated) we will know what interests to throw at them in Step 3 - and further be able to craft their content during the initial experience.


Design to suggest users to first "Get Started" so users can focus on showing the experience and develop engagement.

2. As an experiment we will conduct a sign-up free experience, reducing the friction of getting users past the Step 1 phase of on-boarding. Instead we will exchange that process for a simple gender selection step to give users during the Step 3 (High-Level Interests Selection) a more personalized experience.

By removing the need to sign-up (only to display Step 1 for a few seconds) and instead simply asking them in the second step to identify their gender and age group (Pinterest validated) we will know what interests to throw at them in Step 3 - and further be able to craft their content during the initial experience.

3. The most important part we need to focus on for this product is engagement with interests (Interest Engagement), the on-boarding process will be the key place to get users familiar with doing this. By reducing specific options, adding descriptions, and follower count we can increase the engagement of users selecting more interests from less options - especially based on gender and age, which will greatly reduce scope.


User can also search for specific topics to add and follow. 

4. We try to lead our user when first lands on the For You page after finishing Step 3 of the on-boarding process, they will be created with a pop-up. The purpose of this feature is more qualitative but has some quantitative expectations as well. It will serve as the introductory basis of telling the user the key purpose of the For You page and what they should expect from here.

5. When user has scrolled to the bottom of their feed (limited to 15 modules) they will get a pop-up at the bottom to encourage he/she to facilitate the search feature to explore more interests to follow.  



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