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No device should limit User Experience design. 

A designer should have empathy as a user's view thus focus on the context to solve problems.

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1. Airbnb - Speedy Checkout

New user checkout flow on mobile today. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to book Airbnb for the 1st time. Checkout is broken into many pages, some with overlapping information. Checkout feels in-cohesive because user info are collected repetitively & differently.How may we consolidate all booking steps?

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2. Work Futures Daily - 

New Thinking for New Times

Function as a member of the Cisco WebEx Team app, in charge of creating, sharing, and fulfilling a wide array of tasks through online collaboration to help users improve their efficiency; Apply collaborative skills in the product implementation for various platforms, such as a desktop, mobile, and web product. 

Coming Soon
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3.News Break -

Personalize news App!  

Demonstrated leadership capability in the end-to-end design and process development including strategic planning and customer prospecting toward attainment of target product pixels; Collaboratively executed the implementation of Newsbreak. New Break has download users that are more than ten million; Received 2015 Best New App and App Store iOS 9 Great app.


4.Design guideline - VeeR VR 360 app  

Conceptualized a design guideline for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) teams; Developed a design guideline for VeeR VR company to upgrade the product UI; Exemplified expertise in enhancing the brand through improvement of the design guidelines and characterization, components, elements, style, color, and others;

Played an integral role in boosting the download rate to 30%; Increased user retention rate on VeeR VR 2.0 based on results of post-upgrade user testing.

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