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User Experience Designer & Illustrator Based on San Francisco Bay Area


Creative, goal-oriented, and analytical professional, with a hands-on background in user experience, product, industrial, architectural, interior design and development. Skilled in hand sketching, illustration, visual design, and mobile, desktop, and web designing. Highly capable of conceptualizing design initiatives and identifying issues and new paths toward improvement through active critical thinking, decision- making, and problem-solving abilities. Equipped with an organizational aptitude to achieve set-forth objectives within challenging environments. Active team player, with solid interpersonal and communication skills who enjoys collaborating with multifunctional teams to achieve common goals.

0.1.3 SKILLS 
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation;

  • Brand and Application Optimization;

  • Design Process Development;

  • Customer Interview;

  • UX/UI Design Team Coordination;

  • Platform Compatibility Research;

  • Experience in mobile, desktop and web designing;

  • Flexible use of design thinking in a variety of design fields;

  • Strong empathy, motivation, and execution;

  • Product thinking and critical thinking;

  • Excellent hand drawing;

  • Good at illustration.

  • Technical: Sketch / Adobe Illustrator / Priniciple / InVision / 3D Modeling / AutoCAD / Revit


Architectural and Environment Art and Design Gold Award, 2013

Pingyao City Library Concept Design.

0.1.4 AWARDS

“Red Dot” Competition for Industrial Design Awards, 2011

The Best of the Best, Telescopic Raincoat;
Design Concept, Wave Escalator Design.


The Spring Show of Academy of Art University, 2015

Sustainable Design, Branch Office Architectural;

Tapas Restaurant Interior Design.

Pingyao International Art Exhibition, 2013

Guest Exhibitions


Cisco Systems / User Experience Designer    

San Jose, CA   



Function as a member of the Cisco WebEx Team app, in charge of creating, sharing, and fulfilling a wide array of tasks through online collaboration to help users improve their efficiency;


Maintain active involvement in product development meetings in partnership with cross-functional teams; Assume accountability in translating concepts into prototypes and user flows leading to user experiences;


Employ evaluation skills in determining design problems and generating innovative solutions;


Conduct research and user testing to facilitate the vision of the client improving the product;


Take full charge of redesigning the meeting calendar feature;


Apply collaborative skills in the product implementation for various platforms, such as a desktop, mobile, and web product. With a goal to provide a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, care, whiteboard, and share, thereby improving work efficiencies for customers.

VeeR VR / Product Designer

Palo Alto, CA    

2017 - 2018

Conceptualized a design guideline for User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) teams;

Developed a design guideline for VeeR VR company to upgrade the product UI; support an English version news app based on;

Exemplified expertise in enhancing the brand through improvement of the design guidelines and characterization, components, elements, style, color, and others;

Efficiently handled the update of optimization on UI and UX for new version release - VeeR VR 2.0;

Played an integral role in boosting the download rate to 30% compared to VeeR VR 1.0;

Increased user retention rate on VeeR VR 2.0 based on results of post-upgrade user testing.

Particle Media Inc./ UX Designer & Product Designer

Santa Clara, CA    

2015 - 2017

Demonstrated leadership capability in the end-to-end design and process development including strategic planning and customer prospecting toward attainment of target product pixels;

Collaboratively executed the implementation of Newsbreak, a news aggregator with an objective to provide users with content personalization, including the filtering of any unuseful contents;

Administered the design of personalized news app New Break which became the top three Android apps list, along with download users that are more than ten million;

Received 2015 Best New App and App Store iOS 9 Great app.

Served as driving force behind the successful delivery of the following applications:

News Break application in iOS and Android, which was featured by the Apple Store as one of the top three news applications in 2017, along with over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and user rating of 4.8 out of 5;

India Now News aggregation application in Android with English and Hindi languages that focused on research and analysis for Indian market; thus reaching top five Indian news application within the first week on Google Play Store; 

Particle News mobile application in iOS and Android, as featured by Apple Store as the best new application in 2015

Nihola Bikes / Industrial Product Designer

Copenhagen, Denmark    

2015 - 2017

Worked with a project as an exchange student which included tasks in strategic planning, brainstorming, collaboration, timeline management, user research, and problem ideation;

Held responsibility in using 3D modeling to efficiently complete the projects;

Earned distinction by adopting of Nihola Company with the design solution project.


Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture and Design, 2015    

Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA, USA

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental and Architectural Design, 2012 Jiangnan University, China

International Exchange Student Program in Industrial and Product Design, 2011    

Copenhagen University College of Engineering (IHK), Copenhagen, Denmark

Human-Computer Interaction Extension Program, 2016 

University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA

Coursera Course Certificates (Online)

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