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Telescopic Raincoat

Few seconds to improve the experience of using a raincoat.

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The particular Telescopic Raincoat contains a set of internal drawstrings in which allow a user to furl the actual coat in about itself to make a smaller, compact folded form. Pulling the drawstring near the raincoat’s neckline turns it inside out thus it will not necessarily wet one’s other belongings when placed in one’s bag. Unfurling your coat requires merely the actual wearer to shake the idea out. 


Red Dot Design Award 2011- best of the best

Selected press - THE RAINCOAT BAG!


In southern China, summers are often dense with rain, sometimes during a week. Because of all kinds of limited, most people would choose to ride with a raincoat on every rainy day In 2010. However, every time people take off their raincoats and walk into the building, they cause traffic jams because they have to take the time to collect a raincoat.

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One respondent said: 'the thought of owning a raincoat is a hassle.'​

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Why people hate to bring a raincoat? 

Because of inconvenient storage

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How to carry the wet raincoat easier?

We understand that users always hope to receive the raincoat sooner, so we spent extensive of time to brainstorm and research concurrently to find a solution. Later on, we saw that the principle of closing a rope storage bag (hold the rope and pull in a single step) could apply to our concept. 


We did much research on the cordage distribute so that the cordage pulled to stretch in our hands is short and tidy enough. We calculate the distance between each center of a circle and cordage is within 10 cm in this design so that we can receive a raincoat quickly with one motion. We design to use a specific type of material to avoid breaking the raincoat by friction while pulling the cordage vigorously.

This design is embedded with ropes inside the coat which enable users to furl the coat into a smaller piece in a moment by pulling the rope near the neck then turn that part outside in And hake and open it when you need to use it against the rain.


Therefore, we created a video document to display the process that this raincoat could be received and launched quickly

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