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As a designer, it is necessary to be thoughtful and limit down conditions. Started the user experience design from brainstorm to ideation, filter out to optimize and finally solve the problem.


The App encourages users to create contents to build a loop based on

UGC environment for sharing and communication. They also have a new e-commerce platform to engage user stay on the app and enjoy the whole experience flow in this app.

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Based on data from the internet.
Target users: Age from 25-39, office workers,demand for the better quality of life.

Scenario: Afternoon hours in the office, at home or on the way
User’s goal: What is the recipe? Where to find these food to cook?
Keywords: Create recipes, share works to get attention from other users, learn cooking, etc.

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According to the information, three types of users are classified.

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As of August, 2017, there are 33 million 下厨房 users,daily active users reached 1.55 millionranked #1 in the list.

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Can we assume these 22.140 million users are rookies or new users?

Why does 下厨房 have such a high retention rate, but there are only 1/15 of Daily Active User?

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Due to limited time to complete this project, the menu browsing experience for improving “rookie" common users was the focus group to redesign the product.

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“After I cooked the dish, the task for this app is finished."

- Feedback from a user


Current App rookie common user flow.

Most users do not recognize there is a sharing function.

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For an ordinary user, the interaction gave him the experience of "my dishes finished, and the function of this app is finished," so many people chose to leave and did not continue to share the works.

However, why is the sharing function in the kitchen app unknown to users? Alternatively, the current interaction doesn't find the sharing point that the user wants to share. It is the user's psychological need.


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Try to achieve perfect pixels and redesign ICONS in the page. Use the most straightforward and most direct design to help users improve the user experience and increase user activity.

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User experience change

  • The CTA button let user understand this is processing.

  • Added a "follow" button.

  • Change the uploaded button from a small icon to a secondary button.

  • Aligned all text from the left side for formal reading.

  • Unified icon style.

User interface change

Recipe Detail Page

Full screen system

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User experience change

  • Display timers, tips features.

  • Added sharing menu function.

  • The materials are displayed.

User interface change

  • Changed the list order.

  • Redesign icons.

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User experience change

  • Improved interaction about a timer.

  • Added pause button.

User interface change

  • Simplest timer design.

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Do a quick user test to compare before and after versions.

Record data from CTA button.
evaluates wearing button rate.


Increased user stickiness and DAU growth.

Build user’s recipe social network.


Encourage user interest in cooking to retain more memory in the app.


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Project time is tight; there are many things to perfect. However, through this short time, high-intensity exercise is a perfect promotion to oneself. From thinking encountered bottleneck, to suddenly open. It gives me more perspective. If there is still time in the later stage, more time should be devoted to the improvement of the following projects, user testing and demonstration of dynamic models.

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