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As a designer we should observe and be skeptical of non-sense, understand the cause of issues, finding new paths to improve and correct them with better ideas. 

Hi, I'm Icey Qiyun. I believe the excellent design should reflect a person's most natural state. It is not just one purpose, it also a lifestyle may change the world.

Currently, I work at Cisco systems and redesigned the  WebEx team App, we focus on online collaboration and how to help users improve their efficiency. I created a design guideline for VeeR VR company to upgrade the product UI. I supported an English version news app based on the best Chinese news network It is the "2015 Best New App" and "App Store iOS 9 Great App". I led the design of a personalized news app News Break. It is in the top 3 Android Apps list. The download users are over 5 million.

Aside from all this, I'm keeping training every day. I feel more active and positive after exercise. I love to use sketches or illustrations to record moments. I believe keep doing one small thing; it will have a durable power to change my life.


I'm based in the San Francisco Bay area. If you have any questions about my project, or just want to say hi. Drop me a line. I'm always open to talk.


Thank you for stopping by.

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